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How to fix AVG Antivirus Error 0xe0010002?

When user have installed AVG antivirus and after using want to uninstall come across issues. To fix AVG Antivirus Error 0xe0010002 which occur when user is un-installing the software. User have tried update on his or her PC, Laptop. While working with Operating System it is normal to meet errors. Run time errors while installation, activation, etc. of software can be caused by factors such as issues related to improper or incomplete installation, corrupt downloads, missing files etc. Troubleshooting the possible causes is best approach to fix this type of issues. Following are the symptoms to AVG error 0xe0010002:

  • Incomplete installation process or AVG downloaded file is corrupt
  • Windows registry have been corrupted by recent installation or un-instillation
  • AVG Antivirus related programs files are affected by Virus or malicious attack
  • Missing AVG antivirus related files might have been deleted by some other program

Following are the causes of AVG antivirus error 0xe0010002:

  • The active program window crashes every time error appears
  • PC frequently crashes with same error when trying to run same program
  • Event exec_finished is displayed in screen
  • Windows responds slow to any activity and runs sluggish
  • PC freezes frequently at periodic interval

fix AVG Antivirus Error 0xe0010002

Steps to Fix AVG Antivirus Error 0xe0010002:

Step 1: User need to administrator to install, uninstall or repair the AVG antivirus misbehave

Step 2: Download the latest AVG free installation package from official website

Step 3: Run the AVG free installed file on the PC, laptop or tablet

Step 4: Choose the uninstall option to follow the step up wizard when user get to part to remove from settings

Step 5: Restart the PC, laptop or tablet

Step 6: Now re-install the AVG setup file user got in step up and update it

Is problem still exist as after following the above mentioned blogs connect to AVG Antivirus Support technicians who are qualified enough to guide users in right direction so as to enjoy the error free PC, laptop and work freely and smoothly.

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Issues in understanding Call AVG Antivirus Support Number +44-913-124-0616 (toll-free)

AVG Antivirus Support

The exact time is given to diagnose the AVG issue. You want to solve AVG antivirus error 0xe0010002 without delay, as opposed to later. To fix AVG antivirus Error Code 0xe0010002 connect to qualified, experienced tech experts via call to AVG Antivirus Support Number +44-913-124-0616 (toll-free). Feel free to communicate any hour of the day and night for immediate assistance as our skilled tech expert’s ready all time for users.


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